† Representation †

Management: Melissa Crema - norske.nellis@gmail.com
Booking IT: Pentagon Booking - jordaen@inwind.it
Booking EU: Dead Pig Entertainment - pierre@dead-pig.com

† Bio †

Origin:  Milan, Italy

Genres:  Space Ritual, Sci-fi, Kraut Rock

Years Active:  2018 - 

La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio (Death Comes From Outerspace) is a space ritual project from Milan.
Inspired by sci-fi Italian horror movies and soundtracks, its occult atmospheres are a departure from the norm, a free-form journey with no defined destination or resolution which gives a mental image of ancient mysticism.

The band combines guitars, drums and an alien flute. Two Female Entities craft an obscure landscape of sound through theremin/moog and bass, enriched by cutting and delayed vocals.
Stylistically La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio seems to be the soundtrack to a movie - the band name itself comes from the original title of the 1959 Italian sci-fi film 'The Day The Sky Exploded'.


† Past Live Shows †

04/11/2018 Mos Eisley - Stuttgart (DE)
03/11/2018 De Onderbroek - Nijmegen (NL)
02/11/2018 Innocent - Hengelo (NL)
01/11/2018 Café Central - Bruxelles (BE)
27/10/2018 Buridda Pesante // Lsoa Buridda - Genova (IT)
29/09/2018 ChezArt - Piacenza (IT)
08/09/2018 Wvrmloch Festival // Trauma im G-Werk - Marburg (DE)
31/08/2018 Le Coq d'Or - Olten (CH) w/ Daily Thompson
01/07/2018 SoloMacello Fest // Circolo Magnolia - Milano (IT)
25/06/2018 DUNAJAM
02/06/2018 Pleroma Festival // Kulturschock Zelle e.V. - Reutlingen (DE)
27/04/2018 Cox18 - Milano (IT)
13/04/2018 Spazio Ligera - Milano (IT) w/ Mythic Sunship